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Win Your Custody Case Bundle PRE-
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The ultimate bundle of strategy + tactics templates and swipes for protecting yourself from lies, manipulation, and bullying, like a pro.

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I am not just giving you templates that will help you win a vicious custody battle. I am providing you with learnable skills and a roadmap proven to neutralize the effectiveness of toxic behavior tactics. The Win Your Custody Case Bundle can help you:

Avoid mistakes which will cause you to watch lawyer after lawyer drain your credit card while you see no real progress in your situation

Stop worrying about a lie or even a damaging truth spiraling out of control killing your credibility (and your case) forever, and losing sleep frustrated at not knowing how to fix it

Stop feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically drained

Learn how to avoid manipulation traps set by your ex, swiftly and effectively diffuse unexpected problems, and maneuver through hostile questioning effortlessly and gracefully

Learn how to open doors, clear hurdles, persuade audiences, and frame the debate, strengthening your position and point of view

Know exactly how to deal with any feelings of anger, sadness, confusion, and stress

Gain courage, strength, and confidence in your position

Feel more relaxed knowing you're always ready to respond quickly, efficiently and skillfully

Say goodbye to threats, power plays, mind games, and spending the next 20 years of your life in therapy


 VIDEO TUTORIAL: What You Need To Know BEFORE You Hire A Lawyer (Value $99)

 VIDEO TUTORIAL: How To Express Your Feelings Without Losing What You’re Fighting For (Value: Priceless)

 AUDIO TRAINING: How To Find A Game Changing Lawyer (Value $29)

 AUDIO TRAINING: How To Talk To A Controlling and Abusive Ex (If You Must) (Value: Priceless)

 PLANNING MAP: How To Save Money Without Screwing Up Your Case (Value $299) 

 PLANNING MAP: How To Deal With Lies and Manipulation (Value Priceless)

 MINI GUIDE + ORGANIZATION MAP: How To Create A Custody Game Plan (Value $99)

 MINI CHECKLIST: Do’s and Don’ts In Custody and Parenting Time Evaluations (Value $29)

What others are saying about Priscilla + her work:

"Most lawyers see their role as giving legal advice, such as ‘This is how the court would rule on your facts’. Priscilla comes from a totally different place and says, ‘Clients have so much more at stake than just winning some legal issue in court. Winning the communication battle is equally important because it sets the stage for winning everywhere else.’ It's the foundation of her advice."


"My Ex lied to police and CPS repeatedly, and prevented me from seeing the kids for over a year. Priscilla helped me deal with many false accusations and numerous other problems created by my ex. I can't describe what she has done for my kids and family!"


"Everyone needs to be connected to someone who believes in, genuinely cares, champions and actually advocates for you, that's her, that's Priscilla in a nutshell."


"My divorce was over, I was still being bullied by my ex with threats and more trips to court, and feeling desperate when I found Priscilla. She showed me how to stop it, and we did."



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